Girls performing a classical Persian dance

Salam, Merhaba, Hosgeldiniz, Greetings

We are a cultural, charity society based in Bath and Bristol. We organize Persian, Egyptian and Turkish dance/music workshops and cultural events.

Spirit behind 1001 Nights Society

The name '1001 Nights' was chosen after a famous Persian tale. The idea behind this society is to explore the diversity, spirit and richness of the cultures in eastern part of the Mediterranean (Persia,Anatolia, Arabia, North Africa) and create a showcase to celebrate these cultures by bringing the various cultural aspects together such as dance, music, poetry, literature and visual arts.

The society was established in the year 2000 at the University of Bath, and since then has been organising regular weekly dance workshops and cultural events such as Norwooz Celebrations, Yalda Nights, Global Nights and very popular annual party ‘1001 Nights Extravaganza’ where dances are performed in an exotically decorated atmosphere.

Some of our members performing a veil dance

In these events as well as professional dancers,the society dancers perform both traditional and choreographic dances taught in the workshops.

For the last years 1001 Nights Extravaganza event has been combined with a day workshop where the celebrity dance tutors give dance classes during the day then perform at the Extravaganza event in the evening.

In the 1001 Nights Society, we are also very much in touch with reality and share strong feelings towards people who are in desperate situation around the world. All proceeds of 1001 Night Society events and activities are donated to an independent, humanitarian medical aid organization Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF).

The Society has raised around £4000 for MSF so far, thanks to all participants, members and supporters. The poem below by Persian humanist poet Sa'adi (12th century) will explain the reason why who have chosen MSF:

“Adam’s children are members of each other,
In essence- from the same father and mother,
If one feels pain in one’s chest
The rest are restless at best!..."